What is a misdemeanor pretrial conference?

A misdemeanor pretrial conference is a hearing that happens between the arraignment and the jury trial. A lot of things can happen at a misdemeanor pretrial. For example, your lawyer will try to make sure that they have all of the evidence, or discovery, in your case. Your lawyer may file or set pretrial motions like motions to suppress evidence, speedy trial motions, discovery motions, or Racial Justice Act motions. Your lawyer may provide the prosecution with any evidence that helps your case and may try to negotiate your case for a plea bargain. If the case cannot be resolved in a way that you feel comfortable with, then your lawyer may set the case for a jury trial. At the jury trial, the prosecution must prove the charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt. If your case proceeds to trial, a seasoned trial attorney like Mr. Rios can defend you in court.