Is there anything I can do that would hurt my case?

Yes, there are some things that you should avoid doing that could hurt your case. It is usually best if you avoid talking to the police and instead tell them that you wish to remain silent and to speak with your attorney. (See Must I talk to the police? Should I talk to the police?) It is usually a bad idea to consent to a search of your property. (See If the police ask to search me do I have to say yes?) It is also usually a bad idea to contact witnesses directly because you could be accused of trying to influence their testimony. Instead, you can provide their contact information to your lawyer. You should be careful about speaking with someone who is accusing you of a crime because the statements you make to them (or to anyone else except your lawyer) could be used against you. You should be careful about discussing the facts of your case on the phone, particularly at the jail or police station. It is generally best to discuss your case only with your lawyer in private. An experienced criminal defense attorney like Mr. Rios can offer you a confidential meeting and can help you navigate these rough waters by avoiding things that might hurt your case.