Javier Rios

San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney

Liz v
I had the pleasure of talking to Mr.Rios, he answered all of my question and goes an extra mile to help you, I highly recommend him
Citlalie T.
I needed reassurance regarding my case and I got plenty of it. I'm very grateful and relieved to know that there are still good people in society that are willing and dedicated to help others in times of need. Mr. Rios goes above and beyond. I hope God continues to bless him to further help others navigate through the legal system just as he helped me today.
Lars M.
Very helpful, friendly, gave good advice
Eva L.
Javier Rios is THAT attorney who will put in work for you. He is so knowledgeable and prepared. I have a little feeling of peace and confidence that I didn’t have before giving him a call. Thank you very much Mr.Javier Rios.
JoSeDaNiEl G.
Javier Rios es una abogado muy profesional, con un excelente trato y un gran conocimiento de las leyes. Gracia a su magnífico trabajo, mi familia y yo pasamos por un proceso complicado que resultó no ser tan traumatico. Y hoy en día vivimos muy felicies y unidos gracias a su ayuda.
Giselle G.
Javier is the best and probably the most useful lawyer in the San Jose Area. Although he couldn’t take my case, he was still very resourceful and was more than happy to walk me through the whole process and recommended me to another lawyer. Who ever sees this review and are questioning whether or not to call Javier, CALL HIM!! HES SO HELPFUL
july V.
The consultation I got from Mr.Rios was excellent advice, and was prepared for any questions I had throughout our phone call. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for advice through a consultation.
Rosi N.
Muy amable y muy buen servicio explica muy bien las cosas.
Teresa G.
Great attorney he’s already helping so much with relatives case ! And has sent out so much information! He is the one you want to contact!
I am more than happy to write a glowing Google review for Javier Rios, who helped me throughout my pre-filing investigation. From the moment I met him, I knew I was in good hands. Javier's professionalism, expertise, and dedication to his clients are truly impressive.Throughout the entire process, Javier kept me informed and updated on every step of the investigation. He always made sure that I understood everything that was happening and answered all my questions thoroughly. His attention to detail and careful preparation meant that I felt confident and secure throughout the entire process.Javier's communication skills are also excellent. He was always available to answer my calls, texts and emails promptly and kept me informed of any updates or changes. I was impressed by his calm and reassuring demeanor, even during times of stress.Overall, I highly recommend Javier Rios as a lawyer. He is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to his clients. Thank you, Javier, for your amazing work and for ensuring that I was taken care of.
Edith R.
Javier Rios took the time to guide me in how to get police record and case number. Free of charge. That meant alot to me. Since I was unaware of alot of things. Thank you . Javier.
Javier is an amazing attorney and counselor. He listened to facts of my situation without judgment, and began presenting my case to the DA before charges were even formerly charged. His pre-presentation of my case to the DA resulted in no charges ever being filed against me. I can't imagine a better outcome. Thank you Javier.
Sepideh R.
Mr. Javier Rios is extremely professional. He is not only an expert in his field, but he also treats all of his clients with kindness and empathy. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Rios to anyone who needs his services.
James O.
Javier really cares for the people he helped me understand what I was going through and he was able to get me some help that I needed. I really would recommend him to anyone who need help and comfort in the things that they're going through. Give him a call and let him help you in the things that you're going through you'll be so happy you did thank you God bless
Jerry S.
Unfortunately I could not retain Mr. Rios because I live too far. However, he was able to answer all my questions and informed me of various ways to look up credible attorneys. He also gave me pointers on what to look for when searching for law firms over the internet. Overall it was pleasant experience and would recommend him to anyone seeking representation in the Bay Area.
Lizeth T.
Javier is really helpful and knowledgeable! I always call him when I need legal advise
Richa A.
Javier is very kind, helping and supportive. I had a pleasure to speak with him today and I can't thank him enough for all the help he had given to me today. He is the best and a true gentleman!
Ernestina H.
Mr. Ríos, besides being a very Professional and Experiencing Lawyer, is very sincere and kind with excellently family backgrounds. He is a very polite.I highly recommend him.El Sr. Ríos además de ser un Abogado muy Profesional y Experimentado, es muy sincero y amable con excelentes antecedentes familiares, es muy amable y educado.Lo recomiendo altamente.
Shenyer Cruz A.
I just called him to try to get a quote or some sort of idea on how to proceed in my situation and gave me a bunch of advices over the phone and really seemed to care in general about the well being of other people regardless of one hiring his services or not.
bou K.
I had a matter that was clueless as to who I needed to talk to so I googled up criminal lawyer in Santa Clara county. I just happened to choose this firm so I called the number n it routed me to leave a msg with Javier Rios. With that being said I left a msg n he texted me back shortly after saying he was tight up at the moment but will call me at 7p!!! Mind u this is after hour so I did not hold my breath but surprisingly at 7p he called me back!!! He asked me what was my concerns so I went on telling him my concerns n he gave me not 1 but 3 options I can go about finding out what I needed to get in order for me to go forward with getting my matters handled!!! I understand of how crucial his timing maybe with much more serious cases to attend to but he chatted away with all the resources I may need to get my matters taken care off too. I am assuming my case maybe a 1 out of 10 not that serious but for him to give me his time to vent out what matters to me n not being charged for his consultation tells me there a still good hearted Lawyers out there who do believes in humanity versus cash as most lawyers r out to get!!! I may not need his defense n his specialty to represent me “unfortunately” but had I needed an amazing n more humanly awesome lawyer to represent any of my cases or loved ones Mr. Javier Rios would be my go to lawyer in the Bay Area!!!! Friends n families if ever y’all need a good lawyer to represent ur case….. give Javier Rios ur concerns n i promise u you will not regret it!!! Kudos to Mr. Rios!!! U have my 5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Myth of C.
Mr. Rios offered invaluable advice and helped lay out a game plan/actionable steps, all in our initial consultation. It took a lot of weight off my shoulders. This alone shows that he cares about others unconditionally and has a lot of compassion for his clients and even non-clients
esperanza E.
entre a google en busca de un abogado y mi corazón me dijo de alguna manera este es el indicado , el abogado javier ríos, y en la primera llamada que tuve con el , me di cuenta que tomé la mejor decisión al comunicarme con el, gracias abogado javier ríos, por ayudarme tanto
Micaela S.
Mr. Rios gave us fast, succinct, and accurate advice. He not only answered our questions, but gave us information for further down our journey than we anticipated. I would highly recommend Mr. Rios.
Javier provided me with lots of great information, I would highly recommend him.
emily O.
Since the Day I called Mr.Rios he has been so kind enough to answer questions regarding my daughter case. And to be honest I have contacted several, yet Mr.Rios has literally taken the time to go the extra mile. Unfortunately I'm not able to retain him because his case load is overflowing, so that definitely must say something about his practice .However I'm truly grateful for his honestly and you can definitely tell he cares. Stay blessed
veenu K.
best attorney in san jose go for him and he guides you very well like no one thanks javier really appreciate it
Jo M.
Thank you Mr.Rios for your outstanding dedication
Sandip P.
Javier Rios was great. Though he was at capacity on his case load and was not able to take my case he took his time with me. He returned my phone call personally in a timely manner. He took time to answer all my questions and even offered me a referral to another attorney and bail bond company who he recommends. My only regret was that I was not able to retain him to help me with my case. Easy to talk to, very helpful and informative.
Javier was very nice guy and very helpful 5 stars hands down
Elsie G.
Javier Rios went above and beyond !!! I recommend him 100% just ask for him he will take care of you . Thank you so much Javier .
Javier Rios is a honest, compassionate attorney (Man) who not only cares about his clients, but those who haven’t yet became his client. Thank you for all your help Mr. Rios. It is much appreciated!
Jeremy M.
Extremely professional, reliable and precise. Provides you with the facts and treats your matter with the utmost seriousness. His close attention to detail and knowledge in the industry gets the job done with the best possible outcome. He has the resources wether internally or externally to provide you with the best options. Highly recommend.
Alice F.
He was extremely helpful at finding me the best game plan for my case.
Josue Y.
Sin duda , Javier Rios es una persona confiable ,amigable y honesta …hace unos días llame a su teléfono, y me atendió inmediatamente y me ayudo a solucionar mi problema …sin dudar lo recomiendo.
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