Inmate Locator

If you have a loved one in a Santa Clara County Jail and want to know where that person is housed, click on this link:

Criminal Case Index

If you want to get some information about a criminal case in Santa Clara County, click here:

Bail Schedule

Do you think bail is set too high? Look at the bail schedule for this county.


Do you have an alcohol or drug problem and want local treatment? Contact the Department of Alcohol & Drug Services:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Do you have a drinking problem? Look here for an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. There maybe one going on right now, not too far from where you live or work.

Narcotics Anonymous

Do you or a loved one have a drug problem? Look for a local Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

Cases & Agencies

How can I sign up for an anger management class? You can view the a list of classes and contact agencies here:

Do want to know the address, driving directions and phone number for a courthouse or a phone number for a particular court room/department?