Experienced, Award Winning

Javier Rios is an award winning criminal defense lawyer from San Jose, California. He graduated from UC Berkeley and one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, the University of Michigan Law School. He has dedicated more than 25 years to defending people accused of crime. He is a seasoned trial attorney, not a paper shuffler. He has successfully represented people in many trials, from DUI to murder. Some of his work has been described on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News as well described in other newspapers and news websites across the state and across the country. He fights hard to defend his clients and protect their rights in a court system that often wants to just roll over people.

100% Criminal Defense

Javier Rios personally prepares each case and works hard. His attention to detail and his diligence may keep you out of jail. Also, If you have a criminal case, you may want an attorney who limits his practice to criminal law cases. Mr. Rios’ practice is 100% criminal defense!

Local Attorney, Straight Talk

If you have a Santa Clara County case, you may want an attorney who knows the ins and outs of a Santa Clara County courtroom. Mr. Rios lives and works in San Jose and has tried cases in all the Santa Clara County courthouses, from Morgan Hill to the courthouse in Palo Alto. He has also known many of the Santa Clara County judges and Deputy District Attorneys for years and years.

Mr. Rios is accessible to each client, offering answers and information to make him or her and his or her loved ones feel confident that the case is in capable hands. He speaks frankly, no gimmicks, and tells you straight up where your case stands and the options available to you. Should the case end up in trial, Mr. Rios will be ready to defend you.

One Dedicated Lawyer


I work long hours because I want the best possible results. Sometimes a case that looked impossible at first, gets better if I work hard enough.

– Javier Rios

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