WARNING:  YOU ONLY HAVE 10 DAYS from the date of your arrest for DUI in California to request an administrative (APS) hearing about your driver’s license. If you do not, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended. Why in the world would you agree to an automatic suspension like that? You should act fast and request the hearing.

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Being convicted of a DUI in California can have serious consequences.  Contact a DUI attorney to see how you can prepare to handle this horrible mess.  Javier Rios, a top attorney, can handle drunk driving defense cases in Santa Clara County. Call now for immediate help with your DUI case.

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Getting a DUI can be a very scary. Taking your DUI or drunk driving case through the court process can be even scarier. You should hire a qualified local DUI attorney in the San Jose area who knows the DUI laws and the local practices of Santa Clara County courts and prosecutors.  Javier Rios can help you with the DUI process.

How to handle a DUI in the San Jose area:

After you have been arrested for a DUI in Santa Clara County you will have court appearances. This is another reason to hire an experienced San Jose DUI lawyer. There is a first appearance and other subsequent appearances.  Often, the attorney can take care of all the court appearances and you will never have to go to court. Javier Rios, for example, can usually bring you into his office to take care of all the paperwork and explain what happens in court.

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A lot is on the line, fines, jail time, license suspension and other future consequences.

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